People usually get so caught up with the day to day dramas, circumstances and challenges, that they forget to connec to their inner power of creation.

Humans beings are creators. We all came here with the innate abilities to create… anything! And when I say ´create´, I don’t only mean to create something of beauty, like a work of art, a piece of music… we are here to create our own reality.

We are actually co-creators. We co-create with the Divine Power that creates worlds. How liberating is that? Knowing that we are not alone. Knowing that there is a…

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In a world where most have lost the sense of living and to help the other requires an unnecessary effort, it’s a tough task to stay in your Heart center.

Yet staying in your Heart is the only way forward; staying Gold is your only chance to survive through the chaos and the horrors of a society who is in deep sleep and unaware of their true essence, their spiritual powers and their love they hold deep within their souls.

STAY GOLD always… LIVE IN YOUR HEART always, because the power of your…

During this 2020 pandemic, here in Spain, and I believe that in many other places too, we have been honouring the work and commitment of the health care professionals mainly, but also the police, the drivers, the shop keepers, all those who are allowed to keep working during the confinement. You call them heroes.

While I believe they do remarkable work and they are worth of every celebration, the need to see the dangers in calling them heroes exists. Because when you see a hero you are identifying yourself as the victim. Every hero belongs to the triangle hero-victim-villain…

“Help me God, help me… I cannot breathe, I cannot breath anymore… please God help me…”. She had this lethal virus and because she was old and damaged, her respiratory system was badly failing.

She kept praying because she loved life… she was live herself.

She prayed so much and so intensely that her prayers were answered and the virus that was invading her body was contained and put into quarantine.

She started breathing again and soon began to recover. Her virus was under control. …

An Obsolete Leadership Model and the New Paradigm in Conscious Leadership

Most people, when they think of ´Leaders´, they imagine dark-suited-men sitting in board rooms, big CEOs leading corporations, presidents of countries and religious institutions… This mostly masculine and grey looking figure has shifted and the leaders of today are normal people like you and me.

Conscious Leaders are found everywhere. Conscious Leaders are found leading families, communities, projects, teams, businesses, as well as all of the above and in addition, they run their own lives in a conscious and sustainable way.

You are already a Leader

My vision ´Everyone to become a Conscious Leader´ includes everyone. Not a single soul stays out of the vision…

My vision for humanity has been the same for many years: ´EVERYONE TO BECOME A CONSCIOUS LEADER´. I feel that for humanity to evolve quickly and overcome the many challenges that we are facing today in our world, this is the only sustainable solution. Conscious Leaders are evolved human beings that lead from the heart, with deep compassion and kindness. …

Most people haven´t been taught to differentiate the Love that the mystics speak about from the romantic love: the Mystic´s Love is God´s Love, the Universal Mind´s essence… romantic love is visceral and emotional, is falling is love.

Falling in love is a chemical reaction, it´s an alchemical combination of emotions, physical sensations, thoughts and feelings… As a reaction, romantic love does not last. We all know it, it´s not the same the passion at the beginning of a relationship at the feelings a few years later (for some months or even days).

Even the word ´falling in love´ it´s…

  1. FLOW

Coach John Wooden, one of the greatest coaches and human beings of our era, defined Success as:

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

This definition of success takes all the ego out of the equation and put the emphasis on the inner work that is required for self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

Success comes with hard work, yes, putting the hours is always necessary. …

Most people don´t achieve their dreams in life because they live in fear. Fear ranges from shame and guilt, the lowest vibrational emotions in the consciousness spectrum, to jealousy, apathy, anger, sadness.

Transcending these lower states of consciousness and starting to take responsibility for your own happiness and well-being is the beginning of allowing joy into your life. It´s the journey from victimhood into creation, from believing you are the centre of the Universe and all happens to you, to the huge realisation that you are a creator, that life doesn´t happen to you but by you. And beyond that…

Photo by Letizia Bordoni on Unsplash

I saw death very close recently. My 88 years old mother was taken very ill to the emergency services. After the first hours, her situation was not critical anymore and she was taken to a bed in the hospital. She improved a little and then she went downhill at thunder speed. So much so that at some point in the days that followed, it felt she was not going to make it. She was absent, stopped smiling, stopped talking, stopped having any interest with the outside world. She slept most of the time and her health was deteriorating rapidly. …

Gema Ramirez


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